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I love to laugh and to move. I enjoy spending time in nature. I write. I love to dance. I appreciate clear communication. I like to learn and to discover – maybe that''s why I love working with kids so much. Their curiosity, creativity and honesty inspire me time and again.

I studied political science and media studies in Vienna and Boston. For almost ten years, I worked in various related fields, mostly abroad. I enjoy immersing myself in new surroundings and cultures, learning new languages so I can really dive in. Over time, I noticed that my body also speaks a clear language, when I learn to listen. Yoga and dance help me do that. It is similar with nature around me
. Once I start communicating – be it with other people, with my body or with nature – magic unfolds. I love integrating this in my current work.

I grew up in a tiny Croatian-speaking village in the very east of Austria, at the Hungarian border. During my childhood, the world ended at this border, the Iron Curtain. Maybe that''s why I felt drawn to discover the world ''out there'' so soon and with such intensity.

During my studies abroad, at Wellesley College and M.I.T. in the United States, I came across yoga for the first time. It moved something deep within me, but I was not ready yet to go deeper.

I financed my studies working for a small newspaper and a radio station. My first ''proper'' job was in PR for a women''s organization in Vienna. After that, I moved to a small town in the Czech Republic to teach seminars on European Integration at the local university. As fellow of the Robert Bosch Foundation''s Lecturer Programme, I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know many countries in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. After a short interlude as press officer for the Green Party in Burgenland, I took up an offer to work for the European Commission and moved to Brussels for several years. During this time, yoga came back into my life, with full force. And this time, I was ready. By 2010, I felt it was time for a big shift in my life. It required a lot of courage. So I took a leap of faith – and it paid off.

I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica. Giving myself the biggest gift, freedom, and facing my biggest fear, the unknown, I jumped off the cliff. And as I spread my wings, I discovered that I could fly! And that it was about the most exciting thing I had ever done! No matter how often I may choose to land now, I know I can fly again, anytime.
I spent almost two years in the Americas, traveling, studying myself, yoga and energy healing work, experiencing and discovering Shamanic work, meeting wonderful people, working, connecting deeply with nature, nurturing my body, my spirit and my soul.

In the rainforest of Costa Rica, close to the Arenal Volcano, I completed my 200h Yoga Teacher Training with Jacqueline Chiodo, USA. Broadening and deepening my practice, I trained and practiced with a variety of teachers from India (Prasad Rangnekar), Costa Rica (Vanessa Cavallini and Silvia Monge), USA (Dharma Mittra, Cyndi Lee, Lisa Bennett, Hunter Reynolds and others) and specialized in Kids Yoga (with Casey Feicht, USA and Susanne Eichinger, Munich). My first kids yoga experience was a month-long immersion with a happy bunch of little Ticos and Ticas (Costa Ricans) who were spending their summer holiday mornings at Rancho Margot, where I was working as yoga instructor at the time. In that capacity, I also worked with teenagers from the US and families from a variety of countries, absolutely loving the beautiful energy of this practice.
In Panama, I received my Reiki attunements (I and II) with Reiki Master/Teacher Heather Rose, followed by my Master attunement with Reiki Master/Teacher Bethanny Gonzales in the United States. This was my gateway to working with the Universal Life Force Energy – Prana. My first experience with Shamanic work took place in Costa Rica, followed by Peru, Ecuador and the United States. Back in Austria, I learned Nuad and Nuad Tao from Saowalak Warechon, Teacher at the Wat Po Thai Medical & Massage School Bangkog.

The most important thing I learned during this time in the Americas was that I can trust life, that my intuition is guiding me safely, and that the best things in life cannot be planned – I have to open up to them! I have embraced these teachings with much gratitude and practice applying them to this date.

By mid-2012, I had to gather all my courage again as it was time for the next big step. This step led me back to Austria. After all these years living abroad, which I enjoyed very much, I had to move out of my comfort zone again. I felt that it was time to settle down, for once, in my home country!

In the spring of 2013, I founded YOGAJU. I feel blessed to be sharing what have been some of the most precious tools for me for opening up to well-being, inner peace, grace and deep joy in my life.

For more info or if you would like to get in touch, please call or send me a message!

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