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HATHA YOGA - for beginners and advanced practitioners

”Within my body are all the sacred places of the world, and the most profound pilgrimage I can ever make is within my own body.” Saraha

In my yoga classes and private sessions, my intention is to create a safe and inspiring space for you to simply be and discover yourself. Asanas (yoga postures) and breath work (Pranayama) take you on a journey into your body, which is new and unique every time. You feel how body and breath are connected, and intertwined with the mind.

The numerous benefits of the practice include a stronger and more flexible body, a deeper breath with all its positive implications for body and mind
. Your awareness and focus increases. You are able to release what no longer serves you and open up to the gifts of the present moment.

Over the years, especially during my travels, I have studied and practiced with a number of different teachers in various styles. When I guide through a yoga practice, I integrate and share what touched me and helped me in my process. And I love to share the joy that comes with it with my students.

While I adjust the yoga practice to the needs and requirements of the respective group, most of my classes start with a gentle warm-up, which is followed by an invigorating sequence that brings us deeply into our body. This Yang part is balanced by a Yin sequence where we receive the benefits of surrendering. At the end, a deep final relaxation allows for full integration.

I emphasize good alignment, both in order to prevent injuries as well as to go more deeply into the body.

In private sessions, we explore your individual needs. I provide you with a customized practice based on your wishes and goals.

In workshops and yoga retreats, I like to put a focus on the chakra system, meditation, manifestation techniques, sometimes combined with dance, creative writing, and ideally in nature. In a holistic approach, we explore the broader implications of yoga in our lives.

Check out ongoing yoga classes in Vienna & Burgenland and drop by for a trial class!

For further information, to schedule a private session or if you would like to sign up for a course, please contact me!

I look forward to practicing with you!

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